Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Brusho v Infusions

I recently went to a stamping workshop where we used paint crystals called "Brusho'  by Colourcraft for the first time. As I used it I had a vague suspicion I'd used them before. I liked them very much so, when I got home, I ordered a set. I was gluing my perpetual calendar on my painting table when I noticed a box under a shelf, as soon as I got it out I realised why Brusho seemed familiar. They were a similar product I 'd forgotten I already had, these were called 'Infusions"by Paper Artsy.
I thought it'd be a good opportunity to compare the products.

I looked for colours that were very close to each other to make it easy to compare. The picrue shows the comparison.

Both sprinkled onto wet paper easily and distributed well across the paper. I found that both makes spread nicely when spritzed with water. The Infusions needed more water than Brusho to spread colour. The  Infusions took longer to dissolve with a few crystals not dissolving at al maintaining the speckled effect where the Brusho spread to cover the area.  The Brusho colours tended to be much brighter than the Infusions. Infusions tended to be more earthy in their theme of colours with speckles of brown and black in most colours where as the Brusho tended to add more oranges and yellows to their lighter colours. Their darker colours like black were a mixture of blues, reds and black where the Infusions was a true black.
Which one do I prefer ... I think for a more speckled earthy effect I would use the Infusions but for a brighter and more coverage I would use the Brusho.

This is my first attempt at using Brusho with a stamp. The image is from a Crafters Companion Echinacea negative stamp. I stamped it with Versemark and heat embossed with WOW white embossing powder. I then spritzed with water and sprinkled black Brusho. I wiped the excess off the embossed area with some wet wipes.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Blippi Card

Its my youngest grandson's  3rd birthday next month so I thought I'd get a head start and make his card. He's a keen fan of Blippi who is a YouTube character who shows children around play areas in the USA. He also shows them different vehicles like bulldozers, police cars, etc. Every time my grandson comes to visit me we have to watch him on Youtube.

Its a very simple and easy card to make. It's made up to look like Blippi's shirt, bowtie, glasses and braces. I made a gatefold base from blue card then cut out the elements using my Cameo 3and adhered them to the front.
Inside the card I adhered a cartoon image of Blippi with a speech bubble  saying Happy Birthday. I used the Print and Cut option on my Cameo to cut out the figure. I've ordered a Blippi related present which I'm sure he'll love.
I feel there is something missing from the card front but I'm not sure what to put there. If you have any ideas, feel free to offer your suggestions ........... please :-)
I finally finished the card by adding a large number 3 on the left hand corner. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Perpetual Calendar (Part 2)

I managed to finish my calendar today.
How did I finish it? Once the tags were all decorated I used my Cinch (WRMK) to punch holes in each one.
I then turned my attention to the base. I lined up the three pieces and adhered some Tyvak to join the pieces together. I thought the Tyvak would strengthen the edges where the base folds to create the sides. Some tutorials, online, make the base from one piece of chipboard that is scored but I felt I'd get a sharper fold at the base by using separate pieces that gives a cleaner edge.
Next, I covered the whole base with coordinating paper from the same pack. Although the paper is a lovely quality it doesn't like being folded and has a tendency to crack. The folds on the inside cracked but it didn't matter because once folded into a valley fold you couldn't see it. I was pleased that the paper on outside of the base didn't crack. Unfortunately I was so engrossed in what I was doing I forgot to take a photo! It wasn't exciting just patterned paper covering both sided of the base. I gave the whole base a coat of Mod Podge, just like the tags, to make it more durable.
Finally it was time to assemble all the pieces together. I used my WRMK Cinch to punch holes in all the tags and the base. I did try it out on some spare card to make sure the holes were placed centrally on each tag.
I then cut and fed the wire through the holes lining each group of tags along side each other.
I did find it difficult to use the machine to close the wires because of the shape of the base and thickness of all the tags. The wires were not staying in shape.  In the end I just squeezed them closed with my hands.

The whole project took me about 3 afternoons/evenings to complete I got a great sense of achievement finishing it. It's been a long time  since I made anything like this.
Yes I do know it's not Friday the 3rd May, its the 4th today, I was just flipping the tags to take a photo.... well that's my excuse anyway!!

You can download the cutting file for this calendar HERE . The files are in .studio and .svg format.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Perpetual calendar ( part 1)

I'm not a major card maker, If I'm honest I prefer scrapbooking and other paper craft project. My latest project has been inspired by  a "We Are Memory Keepers" blog in 2014. WRMK was selling a kit to make the calendar but I figured it would be easy to make with my own stash.
I need a calendar for my desk and thought this would last me years so that's what I'm making.

My first step was to cut out 33 pieces of 2 x 5 inch rectangle from  chipboard. I used chipboard for sturdiness but cardboard would do just as well. It sounds a lot of rectangle but you need 12 for the months, 7 for the days  2 sets ( 0-3) (0-9) of numbers for the date. I rounded the bottom 2 corners with my WRMK corner punch.

I also cut out two covers measuring 5½ x 8 ½ inches and one piece 8½ x 2 inch for the base and rounded the corners here too.

Next I had to choose what papers to use. I chose a paper pad I bought in a local shop called "The Works". It was by Make and Create. I've only seen this paper make in The Works, they are very inexpensive but the quality of the paper is excellent. I only used the one pad so that all  my papers would coordinate.

 I cut out 66 pieces of  2 x 5 from the  paper and adhered them to both sides of each rectangle. I used Mod Podge to stick them down.
 Once my rectangles were covered I organised them into  piles deciding which ones I wanted for each section of the calendar e.g days, months etc. I also decided which would be the front and back of the  rectangles. I decided to use the same pattern for the front of each group to make it easier to organise. I stuck "Post It" notes on each pile to remind me to which  group they belonged. It didn't matter what was on the back of the rectangles because they would not be decorated except the Months. I chose a plainer paper for the back of this group so that I could write down birthdays on the back of any specific month.

Next, I went  to my Cameo machine and cut out the numbers, words  and embellishments that would be adhered to the front of the rectangles.Thank goodness for this machine otherwise it would have taken forever to get all that done!  I realised my numbers and words didn't stand out against the background so I offset some pink paper and matted and layered everything onto the card.  Next I edged them all with brown  Staedler fine markers to help them pop out of the rectangles.

 I did this part of the project over 2 afternoon. Adding all the layers was quite time consuming so I had regular coffee breaks to ease my stiff neck!
The rest will be completed in part 2 so keep watching!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Scrapbooking part 2

I've made one scrapbook page for  the eldest grandson so now its time to do another page for the other grandsons.  They both love dressing up and they look so cute especially the youngest in an outfit that's just a bit too big for him. Like the previous page I have used embellishments from the "misskatescuttables"website.
 Again I used a paper from my stash, then downloaded, printed and cut the embellishments. I used my Cameo 3 to insert their photos into the different shapes and used the offset option to create a matching mat to place underneath. The rest was simply positioned and adhered to the page. A quick and easy page which looks a lot of fun.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Time to scrapbook Part 1

How lovely its been to spend the afternoon creating a scrapbook page to record my grandson learning to swim with his Dad. He just loves to wear his goggles so naturally that had to be the title for the page.
The paper I used is from my stash and I don't know the make. I'm trying my best to use up  my stash before I buy any new stuff. The embellishments I downloaded, printed and cut from "MissKatesCuttables" website. This site is well worth a visit because it has a wide range of cutting files and printable things. She also has a lot of free files too.

I cut out the letters and the matting using my Cameo 3 and  layered the two make it pop. I matted the photo and adhered it to the page. The googles and frog are clipart images,  I inserted grandson's photos into the "lens" of the goggles to add interest. Finally I added the "at the pool to complete the page.
I will add my journaling to the back of the page, doing it this way means I can add what I like to the front without worrying about placing something to write on.
Next I'l be doing a page for my other grandsons........ any guesses  on what it will be about??

Monday, 7 May 2018

Note Book

Last Saturday I went to my local craft group monthly crop. What a fun time we had. One of the very talented members kindly offered to do a workshop on creating a note book. What was mind blowing was the unusual material she used to make the cover. What was it you may ask? It was washable wallpaper lining that looked and felt like soft leather once we had processed it. Its a waterproof paper that doesn't rip and is pretty tough. Decorators use it to cover cracked walls. The brand we used was called "Wall Doctor"  It always amazes me how people have the imagination to try using unusual materials and products to create such lovely things.

 How did we do it?
1 We took the flat paper and scrunched it up and kept opening and scrunching and scrunching ans scrunching  until the paper was well crumpled and had softened! I have to say my hands ached by the time this process was over!

 2, We then washed the paper in soapy water and rinsed it clean and allowed it to dry slightly.

3. We coloured the paper using diluted acrylic paints and sprays. You do need a lot of paint because it really soaked into the paper. For some reason most of the colours I used disappeared into the material and it became a pale cinnamon colour with some gold splodges. I like it though.  The paper was left to thoroughly dry.

4. Whilst the cover fabric was drying we turned our attention to the book pages. The pages were ea and coffee coloured copy paper. We cut the A4 paper in half and folded each piece in half and inserted inside each page to create the booklet/signature. I stamped a couple of pages  to add some interest inside the book.5. Once the cover fabric was thoroughly dry we trimmed it and the copy paper to size and placed the booklet inside the cover. We fixed the signature to the cover with needle and thread. 

We decorated the finished book in anyway we wanted. I used beads,charm, a mirri card butterfly and some pearls.

I think this  book cover would look fabulous as a cover for a mixed media art journal. Its strength would also make it great  to strengthen folds/hinges when making mini albums...... the possibilities are endless!
Thank you so much Beryl at Crafters Cwtch, Magor for your marvelous workshop!